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Lithops - Set of 10

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Lithops SPECIAL! 10/$15...


Unique little succulents, fun to plant with rocks & gritty substrate as a living rock garden. 

Lithops are slow growing succulents, also know as ‘Living Stones’. are from South Africa and are in the Mesembs family. 


They do best in gritty/rocky soil or pumice, do well in full sun & are very drought tolerant. 


I recommend ordering one of my fine-textured top dressings like White Criva, Palm Springs Gold DG, Mini Black Pearl or White Ice DG to plant your Lithops in. Soil not necessary & they will do very well in any one of these.


You can keep these indoors in a sunny windowsill or outside in the sun. They don’t required a lot of attention or care so you can just plant them & enjoy their uniqueness. Minimal watering needed, as with other succulents.

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