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Top Dressings

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Need that final touch to make your arrangement or garden area look complete? Top dressing is the easy & affordable answer. ¬†ūüĆĪ ¬†PERFECT for succulents, house plants, terrariums, tapestries, outdoor gardens, fairy gardens, etc.¬†¬†

Many different varieties to choose from, so mix n match get a few different varieties because it’s always best to have options. >> Each order is approximately 4 cups.


Arizona Coral: great for cactus arrangements, adobe tones set off your plants perfectly.


Beach La Paz: striking blue tones provide a subtle top dressing for darker pots or a fabulous contrast to lighter colored pots &/or plants.


Egypt: earthy, desert-ish, neutral. Uniform color provides excellent contrast, and stone pieces are a nice size to work with.


Large Turquoise: stunning aqua hues illuminate your arrangements, or imitate water in gardens of any size.


Mini Turquoise: same beautiful stone as Large Turquoise, just in a smaller size.


Mini Black Pearl: soft as sand, beautiful salt & pepper look with a slight hint of other colors. Also great as a planting medium for lithops.


Mission Mountain: aren’t these the colors of mountains we want to hike and/or wander through? Round pebbles with a mix of colors.


Rose Gold: the warm, elegant color of rose gold shines through this stunning blend of colors.


Sahara: larger angled stone pieces have a warm blend of stone varieties.


White Criva: small pearly grains mimic sparkling sand, with better staying power and ease of use.