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Changing Inventory

Posted by Tari Colbry on

I've had such a tremendous response to the website. Thank you to everyone who has kindly given my succulents & customer service such great reviews! I love my customers and the opportunity I have to provide you with the most beautiful succulents around. 

A HUGE thank you to my very dear friend Kira for creating this website for me. You are seriously amazing!

You will notice that inventory on my website will change. If you're searching for something specific, please message me and let me know. I'm in San Diego, which is a succulent wonderland. Plus I have access to growers in others states too. 

I hope to keep you happy, intrigued and excited about succulents, houseplants, airplants (Tillandsia) and whatever else I find in my journeys. 

Thank you for being a part of this 'succy' journey WITH me! 


... funny sidenote... because I'm used to autocorrect on my phone, it has taken me many tries to get this little bit of info to you. My laptop doesn't correct my spelling errors, my 'backspace' key isn't working very well (helllppppp) and this little note to you all has taken much longer than I had anticipated. Technology spoils me! Oh... and Instagram is down worldwide today. I think all of the civilized world has been in a panic today. 


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  • Your sanseveria are so clean and healthy Tari! I just love my moonshine! Thx so much! :-)

    Barbara Noethen on

  • I am so excited to see your business grow! You’re so very welcome, it’s been a joy for me to be any small part of this project. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next :-)

    Kira on

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